The Portrait (Da Vinci Code Snapshots)

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Soon after the release of the book and movie, Da Vinci Code, one rapper responded with a song. He brings up the myths and slaps them back with forthright and biblical answers. Read how he puts this craze to rest.

Christ on the poster
Christ of the culture
Christ on the stain glass
Christ of the future

Christ on the video
Christ on the radio
The Christ of Da Vinci
What does he really know

Christ on award shows
Christ that Lord knows
Christ that’s sure to come back in His war clothes
In which Christ do you believe
You gotta know before you leave

Was Christ really buried—is there a chance
That He really married Mary and fled over to France
Did they really find His bones with a fine tooth comb
Or did He walk out of His tomb to His throne

Was He God—was He not
Was He alive when they dropped Him in a tomb
Did He swoon—was He moved
Was He removed by delusional dudes that refused to believe in the truth

Were they fools
Were the disciples hallucinating was the truth evaded
‘Cause they wanted to boost His ratings
Did the Catholic church from the Vatican

Work at keeping the bag of dirt under the rug
Was he God from above
If He was do you blink, do you shrug, do you hate do you love

Yes he did arrive, yes He was alive
No—he wasn’t married never had any wives
Yes—He did rise, days after He died
What can I say—yes He is God!

From the womb to the tomb
To His throne nobody in Rome could hold on to His bones
‘Cause there were no bones to be held though His bones were beheld

Who would have known
It was Jehov on the DL, providing forgiveness
Our lives are offensive
He died to put you and I in a friendship with himself

Pain is felt
When the glorious gospel is exchanged for wealth
Forget about how the spades were dealt
And think about how you measure up when weighed on the scale

One Lord
One faith I plug
One Lord One Christ, one judge

The Portrait (Da Vinci Code Snapshots)

Lyrics from The Portrait by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on January 16th, 2009 - 3:52 am
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