The Cross (3 Hours)

Go back in time with Shai Linne as he takes you to Golgotha. The place where Jesus was murdered on a cross. For three hours he hung and died. In the chorus, there is a sample from fellow rap artist, Timothy Brindle, who says, “So forever I will tell – in three hours, Christ suffered more than any sinner ever will in hell.” Read and imagin yourself seeing the Lamb slain for your sins.

There’s something you gotta see. Journey with me. It’s approximately 30 A.D. in the land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem, but on the outside there’s screams and loud cries. Through faith, this scene can be seen without eyes. The mean shout lies and seem to sound wise. As we inch through the crowd, we need to be cautious. A Roman execution, men on three crosses, but all the focus is on the one in the center. The gate closes behind you, no one can enter. The sight you behold is so odd, you’re stunned – the man hanging on the cross is God the Son! Twelve noon – it’s pitch-black because the sunshine’s lacking. Your mind can’t fathom this divine transaction. As slowly the sound becomes mostly drowned, you realize that you’re standing on holy ground.

It’s where we see Your holiness – at the cross.
We see that You’re controlling this – at the cross.
We see how You feel about sin – at the cross.
Your unfathomable love for men – at the cross.
It’s where we see Your sovereignty – at the cross.
We see our idolatry – at the cross.
We know that there’s a judgment day – from the cross.
May we never take our eyes away – from the cross.

We’re now in the realm of the sublime and profound. With God at the helm it’s about to go down. The Father’s wrath precise will blast and slice the priceless Master Christ as a sacrifice. Willingly, He’s under the curse to be treated as if the Son was the worst scum of the earth. The scene is the craziest. Jesus is being treated as if He is the shadiest atheist. How is it the Messiah is in the fiery pit as if He was a wicked liar with twisted desires? The One who’s sinless and just punished as if He was promiscuous and mischievous with vicious lust. The source of all godly pleasure tormented as if He was a foul investor or child molestor. How could He be bruised like He was a goodie two-shoes who doesn’t think that she needs the good news? He’s perfect in love and wisdom, but He’s suffering as if He constructed the corrupt justice system. We should mourn at the backdrop, Jesus torn like He’s on the corner with crack rock with porn on His laptop. What is this, kid? His gifts are infinite, but He’s hit with licks for religious hypocrites. He’s the Light, but being treated like He’s the seedy type who likes to beat His wife. He’s treated like a rapist, treated like a slanderer. Treated like a racist or maybe a philanderer. Jesus being penalized like He had sin inside filled with inner pride while committing genocide. I could write for a billion years and still can’t name all of the sins placed on the Lamb slain. But know this: the main thing the cross demonstrated- the glory and the holiness of God vindicated!

The Cross (3 Hours)

Lyrics from The Cross (3 Hours) by Shai Linne, a Lampmode Recordings artist.

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