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In his letter to Titus, Paul gave instructions to Titus on how to organize and operate the church. He needed to find elders by God’s grace who were above reproach in order that together, they could train people to live holy among the cities in order to put God’s gospel on display.

Let’s take a look at the letter Paul wrote to Titus. Yeah, we’re about to dive in, I hope you’re excited. For sure it’s inspired let’s go and apply it. Arrive at conclusions useful to giving Christ His glory that He deserves, His story in His word. And Titus is all about giving Him glory as His church. From Paul a bondservant (1:1), to Titus (1:4). They’re both fervent. Both serving Christ with they’re life with the most urgence (1:4). Titus was his disciple, he left Him in Crete. To keep the church in order (1:5). This lesson’s complete with rules about elders (1:5-9), fools who need help (1:10-16) and Jews who do fail (1:10-14, 3:9). Stay tuned see what he tells us. It may seem far from us, some irrelevant text. What if we are not pastors? But just rest for a sec. I promise I’ll bring it home let’s invest in the text. I’m about to hit you with the hook I’ll be addressing it next.

Let’s be sound in faith, in doctrine, in speech plus deeds. Rep Jesus, the King, let Him lead us, please. Plus we see He told us how we must be. Let’s read and trust Jesus who freed us, please.

Paul told him that elders needed to be above reproach (1:6,7) with love and hope and living all the stuff he spoke (1:9). But then there are those who wear the clothes of elders but the bear the woes of false teachers not speaking truth so don’t select those (1:10-11). Correct those men (1:13). They defy Him. They’re trying to say they know God, but by their deeds they deny Him (1:16). 1:5-9 are the type of cats we want to pick. For leadership within the church, them other cats we’re supposed to fix (1:13). Don’t tune me out I hope that you’ll endure and see that these things are really marks of a mature believer. We can see that and apply it to our own living instead of sinning, tripping and living with no vision. And don’t miss that chapter 2, really addresses me and you. And everybody in the body with some lessons we can use (2:1-10). So read it all and peep the part that seems to be to you. And live out this sound doctrine, let people see the fruit (2:14).

Let’s be blameless and show consideration for men (3:2). Because we was just like them before He saved us within. It wasn’t strange. We had rage and hatred for men. We were disobedient, deceived and enslaved to our sin (3:3). But He saved us and not on the basis of men. But thanks to His mercy, regeneration begins (3:5). He poured out His Holy Spirit, man He placed it within (3:6). Justified by His grace, that’s so amazing for men (3:7). If we see this, believe this, and we’re saved and freed. Then let Jesus lead us to engage in deeds (3:8). Forget foolish controversy and stay in sync (3:9) with He who saved us and raised us. His name is sweet. I’m praying as the body of Christ we model His life and reference the book of Titus to follow Him right and we’re an accurate reflection as His beautiful church. Let us rep Him with our words and our beautiful works.

Trip Lee - Sound (Titus)

Lyrics from Sound (Titus) by Trip Lee (116 Clique), a Reach Records artist in association with ReachLife Ministries.

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