God built the church when the church devoted to God.

Redemption is a divine transaction whereby God pays the ransom for man’s sin by His death on the cross.

God is reigns over all creation as supreme ruler and does whatever He wants.

God is in all places in all times and all of His presence is there.

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Scripture is Basically Clear

At the most basic and central message, Scripture is clear and understandable so that we can be sure.

The Bible contains every word that came from the mouth of God for us to embrace.

Rebellion and Submission

Life Lessons on What Not to Do

A sermon in a series on bad attitudes found in Numbers 11-16. This one covers rebellion and submission.

Confession in our prayer should not be avoided, but eagerly made. God is forgiving. And we have reason to believe and motivation to confess our sins to Him.


Setting Apart from Sin to God

Sanctification is so closely related to the gospel of Christ that when examining your own salvation you must take into consideration whether you are being made holy or not.

Good Man Judged, Bad Man Justified

Pride and Humility and God's Hatred

One can be judged like the Pharisee who is sinless, or justified like the tax collector who is sinful.

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