How is it that so many people today profess to have had an encounter with Jesus Christ and yet they are not permanently changed?

Everyone will suffer to some degree in this life. Job’s story is meant to remind us that God has a purpose for our suffering.

Isaiah reveals Jesus to be the root cause of his own family tree, the Davidic line.

Behind every argument against the Word of God there lies a desire to live in sin.

What is the purpose of the Law according to a modern day children’s Bible?

In this week’s quote, D.A. Carson explains the consequences of a watered-down doctrine of the love of God: The love of God in our culture has been purged of anything the culture finds uncomfortable. The love of God has been sanitized, democratized, and above all sentimentalized… …In generations when almost everyone believed in the justice […]

We cannot understand who or what we are without first knowing that we were created by God.

How must we correct others who are wrong? Calvin and James respond

Two weeks ago I posted a quote by John Piper. He wrote, “It is a strange thing that, among folks who do not follow Jesus as their Lord and God, almost no one wants to say bad things about him.” The same person who rejects Christianity often finds something positive to say about Jesus Himself. […]

What is our July 4th Holiday suppose to be? Read this old quote from our second president of the United States

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