Man Up

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

Godly men, strong men, are becoming extinct today – even in many churches. Da Truth makes his case for the need of these men and tells a little about what they should be like.

Warriors. If you walk in the authority of Jesus man and your shoulders are broad. Where are my warriors? If you stand up under pressure like the Hebrew boys and your soul is strong. Where are my warriors? God fearers, gentlemen, generals get in your positions man. Where are my warriors? Men take courage, don’t faint, don’t fall if you know the Lord. Where my warriors?

You know how the plot goes. You can tell the difference when the pops is in the household. Most of us are not told that often when the pops home, leaves a legacy, plant seeds then the crops grow. I recall my pops quotes when I was a snot nose a man with no control is like a city that’s with out walls. I could still hear his teachings ringing through the house halls when its not profitable how to keep my mouth closed. Getting over obstacles. Dodging all my pot holes. He taught me etiquette and ethics out of
God’s laws. Turned me on to Oswald Chambers. Now my eyes closed. Praying that I would find of wife that would make my house home. Now I’m proud to say I’m faithful. If it wasn’t for those spankings then I’d probably pop pain pills. Now I’m off of training wheels since I had a father that taught me God the Father’s heart. I’m equipped to train and build.

Say, man we need role models. Got a lot of teachers but, man, we need more fathers. I’m talking about spiritual. Teach us how to be mature. But If they abandon us. How we going to go farther? Tell me who are we going to follow? We going to get our core values from the dudes rapping on the screens of our floor models. And you don’t wanna leave it up to rappers who pretend to be trap stars bonafied whoremongers. Hold up, more problems. Men won’t step one foot in to the local church because it caters to a woman’s bent. And it’s full of feminine. Man, where we’re pushing them. Far away from Christ into the arms of the Muslim men! Because men don’t need to print we need strength. Christ is not a hippie picking lilies with his friends. Jesus was a man’s man. So men followed Him doing God the Father’s will, saying Father I will send.

Listen I am not a chauvinist, but a godly man is a stickler for Holiness. Him and Christ look alike sort of like the Olsen twins and he practices what he preaches from the Holy script. But a natural man, he don’t even know he’s sick, He thinks it’s natural man. They treat him he don’t exist. He’s enticed by every woman that blows a kiss. Sin makes a godly man well like Moby Dick. A godly man’s content when he’s in the church. A natural man chases whatever’s in a mini skirt or in a dress like the Gettysburg. He’s monogamist even if it really hurts like giving birth. But that’s the cause and effect which really goes to show you how the cross can effect. New man, new clothes in the drawers of our dressers. Man, we at war with our swords and our vest up!

Da Truth - Man Up

Lyrics from Man Up by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on October 23rd, 2009 - 6:19 pm
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