Jesus Created All Things

God's Son Made All Things, Even Me!

“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” (John 1:3)

My son’s memory verses seem to be progressing. First, “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). This week, he says that “God made everything.” (I suppose this is his abbreviated version!)

It is obvious that these two verses are communicating the same thing in some sense. However, I am anticipating the progression to continue. God created. God created everything. I would expect the next verse teach the children that God created me. We will have to wait and see.

So let’s unpack this verse a bit – at least, thematically. One pastor once said, “All means all and that’s all all means.” His point was to simplify the term. The word all is an omni-inclusive word. It does not mean some or most. It means every thing. Now, that does not mean that it is not without boundaries. It still has some limitations to its inclusion.

For example, I used the word “omni” to substitute for the word “all” in order to imply a great deal of inclusion. God is omnipotent which means “all powerful.” There is no thing person in existence that is more powerful than God Himself. I like to tell my son that this means “God can do whatever He wants.” Of course, this has some limitations. God has some limitations. He is limited by His nature. This is not confuse His nature as something apart from Him that lays hold of His abilities. I’m just saying that God can only do what He can do. With respect to His creation, there is nothing that can out-do Him. But here is a limitation: God cannot create a rock that He cannot move.

There is no rock in existence that He cannot move because He cannot make that sort of rock. So there is no such rock. It is a play on logic. My point is this, “all” is omni-inclusive with respect to God’s creation. God created all (everything) that He created. So the word “all” does not include God. God is outside of the all inclusion. God cannot make Himself (otherwise He would cease to be God). So not all things were created by God. But all created things were created by God.

Now, it is good to note that I left this whole part off when I communicate to my son. He is only 4 years old!

The actual theme of this verse is not what he made (as in Genesis 1:1), but what it means to be made by Him. The verse says that we were made “through Him” and not in any way apart from Him. This verse is ultimately teaching the Lordship of Jesus Christ (who is the “Him” this is referring to). Since Jesus made all things that He made (including me and you), then we owe Him our very existence. To Him we owe honor, glory, respect, worship, praise, obedience, etc.

What do I tell my son about this verse? “You know, since Jesus made you, I think that you owe Him a lot of love!”

Posted by Jacob Abshire on September 16th, 2008 - 7:41 pm
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One Comment on “Jesus Created All Things”

  • greg, December 3, 201212:42 pm

    i don’t need to know how or why . i just know that Jesus loves us beyond measure and will forever. all we have to do is call on Him and believe.. he is awesome beyond description. to Him belong all honor glory and praise forever.