It’s Yours (2 Timothy)

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In Paul’s final words, he put the gospel of Jesus Christ on display. He labored for the Lord and now it was time to pass it on to another. Timothy was his young apprentice and so to Timothy he commits his work and his gospel.

My time on earth is short, I know I’ve seen my final days. I thank the Lord above and for you every night I pray. I remember your tears – you bring me plenty joy. Your faith was real ever since you was a younger boy. So keep the movement going – you got to stand firm. Don’t be ashamed of the truth, and let your flame burn. They got me locked down, but we’ll never stop now. Not now – look at all this truth that was brought down. And you’ve been taught now – you gotta pass it on. Invest your life into others so this will last long. I’ll be living through you, you’ll be living through them. They’ll continue to do what you taught til the end. And everything I taught to you, teach to faithful men. And make sure they’re faithful, otherwise they won’t teach again. And everything I taught to you, teach to faithful men. And make sure that they’re faithful, otherwise they may not teach again.

Now, I’ve been running this race for some time. Now I hand it off to you because it’s the end of my life. I’m praying that wherever you roam, know you’ll never walk alone. Oh no. Keep your faith in the Word of the Lord, teaching men to worship Christ is what we live for. Then give it back like I’m giving to you. The time is yours. It’s yours.

You’re a soldier – follow your orders to fight. Don’t get caught up in wordly ways, you’re on a mission for Christ. Be an athlete – that means you’re running to win. You got to train and follow rules to finish well at the end. And like a farmer, know the soils of man’s souls. So when you’re sowing their hearts, you know what seeds to sow. And like a workman, you’re not ashamed of your life. Because you rightly divided truth before you reigned with the Christ. And like a bondslave, you have no will of your own. Just follow the will of God until you kneel at the throne. These are the last days for men, the lovers of pleasure. They don’t seek God’s treasure and they change with the weather. But you know my life, you know my faith. You walked in my shoes, you looked in my face, Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra, too. I was beaten down because this is the truth. This is the truth.

These are my last words. This is my last phrase. These are my last thoughts. These are my last days. My life’s invested in you, just as Jesus did for me. And through you, I live also – continue on with this legacy. Your prayer for me – carry out the evidence of this love. And let the truth you learned in youth that you’re convinced. Yes sir – God inspired these words to teach you. So you’ll know the truth and it could reach you. Then it reproves you and it beats you. Corrects you and straightens you up just where it needs to. Then it instructs you, it disciplines and trains you in righteousness, so you’re equipped to be who God has made you. And what I gave you is more than my words
It’s my life transferred since the day we conferred. So preach the Word, in and out of season – the reason is Jesus – believe that I seen Him. They need Him.

116 Clique - It's Yours (2 Timothy)

Lyrics from It’s Yours (2 Timothy) by Rick Trotter (116 Clique), a Reach Records artist in association with ReachLife Ministries.

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