In Adam We All Die

Weekly Rap-Up with Shai Linne

It seems that some Christians have a hard time telling others about the bad news – we are all sinners. Without it, the good news is not all that good. With it, the good news is the best news you can ever know. By implication then, the bad news is also good. So why not tell people? Shai Linne doesn’t hesitate – not even in song format. He explains that we are all guilty because our father, Adam, sinned. He raps of federal headship, total depravity, the Fall, and imputation.

The song begins with Stephen the Levite quoting Romans 5:12 and 14: “Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned. Yet death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over those whose sinning was not like the transgression of Adam, who was a type of the one who was to come.”

We’re cursed from our birth, sinning from the beginning.
The womb to the tomb, depraved to the grave.
Astray every day, every breath brings death.
In Adam all die, In Adam all die.

We’re rebels like the devil, scheming like demons.
Prideful with our idols, disgusting with our lusting.
Twisted and sin-sick, selfish and helpless.
In Adam all die, In Adam all die.

Everybody knows that they’re guilty. Our conscience condemns us. Shows us we’re filthy. Truth be told, we really have no answers for why we fall short of our own moral standards. The evidence for God is simply bountiful and it’s illogical to think we won’t be held accountable. A universal day of judgment approaches, any rational notion of justice would presuppose this. And deep down inside, everybody knows this. But we disregard it because our deeds are atrocious. We prefer the vicious. Our words are malicious. Our slurs pernicious. We find the absurd delicious. Depraved in our appetites – the things we crave are lacking light because sin’s got us enslaved and shackled tight. And if we are to understand the fruit, we need to go back and examine the root.

The world we live in wasn’t always like this. The early days had perfect righteousness and bright bliss. Man and woman under God-ruled government at first – bubbling with mirth, immersed in loving with no hurts. God gave what theologians call the covenant of works: forbidden fruit – the day you eat of it you’ll be cursed. Husband wasn’t alert; wife lacked discernment entrapped by the serpent and that was the first sin. The consequences were monumental. In fact, I’m not convinced they had a clue of what they’d gotten into. Their eyes were opened more – truth in the lies. To their surprise, they didn’t get the prize they were hoping for. They see their nakedness and now regret it. They tried to cover their guilt and then blame shift – how pathetic! And it’s a true story. You want some evidence? We’ve been doing the same thing ever since!

We talk Adam and Eve, cats think we’re “throwed off”, really. They don’t think it relates to thugs in North Philly, but it’s like Switchfoot said – we were meant to live but in the garden Adam was our representative. So when the Judge executed the sentence, Adam’s guilt was imputed to his descendants: Global calamity, major debt, pain, regret, the reign of death – total depravity. And yes, I’m aware that cats were not there which opens the door to charges of “that’s not fair,” but God is not subject to fallen notions of fairness. Besides, when it comes to God’s glory, most could care less. We can’t measure how we chase sand treasures and banned pleasures – similar to our ancestors. So instead of saying if you were there what you would do, seek your refuge in Adam number two.

In Adam We All Die

Lyrics from In Adam All Die by Shai Linne, a Lampmode Recordings artist.

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