Happy Birthday to Who?

Weekly Rap-Up with Tonic

In the hustle and bustle of the marketing, the stores, the purchasing, and the parties, we tend for forget that the birthday is for Jesus – not us. Ask yourself this Christmas if when giving out gifts to others, you forgot to give one whose birthday it really is.

Ok, So I get invited to this Birthday fling, but it’s crazy because I don’t normally do the “birthday” thing. You know, I’d rather chill at the crib, lay up inside with my remote, Barbecue Herrs and my Xbox Live. But the “rah rah” made me say this is going to be big. It’s like the whole wide world is going to be at this shin dig. I mean marketers, retail specialists, economists … But the invite said the Birthday boy was anonymous. How crazy is that? And I heard by attending companies could go from being in the red to the black! Who ever this dude is, he’s profound. You talk about balloons and streamers, they lit up the whole downtown. So I’m like, “If I go how am I going to dress? Hip-Hop or chic?” I heard of people actually getting off of work for a week. Nah, I ain’t missing this. It’s too big. Let me go dish out some punches and celebrate with whoever’s birthday this is.

So I got to the spot where all the hoop-lah be. And I just realized, “Man, I haven’t RSVP!” I looked left and it was Ms. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This joint was jumping like an after hour speak easy. I start walking around slow, you know, you gotta walk slow because pimping is in style now and I’m a Gigolo. Man, it’s like this party should’ve been in heaven brcause it was Good Times like James and Florida Evans. I mean, people lighting candles, blowing out cake. People making wishes to be good for goodness sake. Then they started taking all these gifts from under this tree and giving them all out, and the gifts were free! I was like “this is crazy B”, because in mind was money. It’s like somebody else’s party and the dough’s for me! Well the Birthday Boy is missing out in my eyes. He’s probably playing around, going to walk up in here on us and be like “Surprise!”

Trust me this is nice, but it’s weird. This dude must be suffering from some kind of fear. Is he afraid to wade in emotional, societal waters? What? He got a multiple, social anxiety disorder? Just then I saw a guy like Little Jack Horner just sitting in the back, way over in the corner. And I was like, “Nah this dude ain’t gonna ruin this fun! Let me walk over here and give this wallflower some sun.” I said, “Yo dun, you letting us down like the horse Smarty.” He said, “Yo my bad, is this your party?” I said, “Nah, but you chipping up my joy.” HE said, “For real? Well I’M the BIRTHDAY BOY. I’M THE BIRTHDAY MAN, slash, THE BIRTHDAY GOD. Now you can call me JESUS, or you can call ME LORD.” I was floored. I said, “Forgive us, we gave out all the gifts.” HE said, “I forgive you, its cool – for real, don’t even trip. I ain’t worried about any gifts and ain’t nothing wrong with Christmas. I ain’t even really mad at the real St. Nicolas.” He said, “I’m more concerned about those that recognize my worth and chose today to signify the significance of my birth. So I’m chilling can’t nothing dim MY shine because from now to eternity, I’M going to still get MINE.” I was like, man it’s been a bugged out day! And I just stood there didn’t even know what to say.

Happy Birthday to Who?

Lyrics from Happy Birthday to Who? by Tonic, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on April 3rd, 2009 - 11:41 pm
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