Fig Tree

Weekly Rap-Up with Da Truth

In Mark 11:12-14 we Jesus entering Jerusalem and judging the religious. As he was approaching the city, he noticed a fig tree that appeared to be fruitful. As he reached the tree, he found it unfruitful yet still giving such an appearance. Jesus cursed the tree and later it “withered away to its roots” (Mark 11:20). Our Lord was teaching something about hypocrisy and his judgment thereof. In this song, Da Truth applies this same metaphor and teaching to himself and other recording artists in the gospel music industry. Listen to what he says:

I say I walk with Jesus, walking in my freedom, talking like a leader. Every time da weeks up, kicked back with my feet up laid out on my beach chair. It’s okay to ease up; little time for leisure. I’m enjoying life but if I get too cozy, I’ll blow out my light bulb, then the world won’t see, trampled under cold feet. Then I’m good for nothing but rapping over cold beats – man, there goes another one.

Holy when I’m on stage. Man, that’s just a cover up. Carnal when I’m off stage, looking out for number one. I’m trying to make friends with the “A” list becoming preoccupied with my paychecks sort of like I play chess caught up in the Matrix. I had a bigger heart when I was working down at Payless. Now I get bored reading. Rather make record deals, set up in a board meeting talking about record sales.

Now I want a tour to keep money on my credit cards. If I lose focus on Jesus then I’m better off being cursed. I don’t think that we’re alert when we only read the verses and the Word when we’re in church. But that’s the gospel industry traveling that cold trail. What happened to the ministry? Man, it’s getting so stale recycling the same songs for fear that it won’t sell. Therefore, we won’t tell a sinner that they’ll go to hell. Go into the work shops, creeping in the hotels … shhhh … if you don’t say a word then I won’t tell. The fruit of King James’ indiscretions grow still. Covered up with fig leaves, then I’m just a fig tree.

Fig Tree

Lyrics from Fig Tree by Da Truth, a Cross Movement Records artist.

Posted by Jacob Abshire on May 15th, 2009 - 12:02 am
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