Break It Down (1 Corinthians)

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No church was ever so worldly as the church in Corinth. Paul wrote most of his words to them and most of it was full of correction. Here is Lecrae survey of the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians.

Let me tell bout my home boy Cory. This is the first verse of the very first story – call it the first letter. You can call it whatever as long as you hear the truth and leave surer than ever. Cory is a new believer acting like he’s in gang. He runs around sayin his Church is the greatest thing (1:10:-4:21). He won’t check a sermon unless its his Bishops name. It seems he forgot to keep Jesus the main thing (1:10-12) because Bishop didn’t raise up after three days up. He didn’t take your case up offering you his grace huh (1:13). But Cory stays divided all the time not Christ but a man that he is standing behind (3:4).

I got this little letter that I’m trying to break down. So you can hear the Truth in the Sound. Division (1:10-4:21), a whole lot of Sin (5:1-6:20), I can’t forget the problems of people living within (7:1-15:58).

I got this little letter that I’m trying break down, but let me tell you Cory’s background. He started off crazy, parties full shawties, religious ceremonies where people was gettin naughty (Study the History of Corinth at this time) but all that changed, the truth of God reigned. The Gospel spread within Him like viruses in the veins (Even in such a sinful environment, people came to Christ in Corinth 1 Cor 1:4), but even thoough his heart was rearranged, he found himself caught up in some of his old ways. He’s laying up with women. His sinning was gettin strange (6:12-20). He thought the more he sinned the more Jesus pleased to save. He thought because he accepted His brother touchin his mother that he was spiritual because he let them get with each other (5:1-13). Cory had beef with another within the faith instead working thru it, they opened a court case (6:1-11) – a slap to the face of the God who gives grace. Cory is out of place trying to carry his own weight.

Now Cory got married but every where he turns he sees lust burn and women waiting to serve him. Yeah an Cory’s learning that Satan wishes to turn him away from His wife to satisfy all his yearnings (7:1-40). Divorce isn’t legitamate. If both are regenerate. What God put together let nobody put a split in it (7:10-16), but see that isn’t the end of it. He sought his own benefit. He would do things that his friends saw as forbiden and although there was no sin in it. His homies were ignorant and they were made weak because His liberty was their hinderance (8:1-11). Unlike an apostle no concern for the Gospel, no denying his rights, wasn’t that thoughtful … (9:1-23).

Maybe I should take a second to explain that Cory isn’t a person but a group of people (The Corinthians). Many just like Christians today. Caught up in their own worldly culture no respect for divine authority, the Lords Supper, and still exhalting Gifts which are all given by the Holy Spirit to begin with more than love for on another (11:2-14:40). Everything we have was given by God who commands us live outwardly toward others. I pray none of us wrestle with the Ressurection of Jesus (15:1-58). Holla at me if you do. Above all things love GOD and LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Lyrics from Break It Down by Lecrae (116 Clique), a Reach Records artist in association with ReachLife Ministries.

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