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My mother is a long time supervisor and teacher within Bible Study Fellowship International. It was she who turned me on to a book of prayers written by the organization’s founder. Admittedly, I am not confident in my own prayer abilities, especially in my personal devotions before the sunrise. For this reason, I keep a book of prayers nearby. While I typically utilize The Valley of Vision as my prayer guide to start me into deep adoration and supplication, I set it aside to try Praying the Attributes of Goda book linking spiritual disciplines of Bible Study and prayer.

Written Rosemary Jensen, this book offers 31 prayer devotional designed to direct your meditations toward God by focusing on His attributes. Each prayer is prefaced with a number of scriptures relating to a single attribute. Then, there is confession and thanksgiving. The prayers are God-focused and should help you form the words of God into words of prayer to God.

Rosemary is the founder of Bible Study Fellowship International and the Rafiki Foundation, an organization aimed at helping Africans know God by caring for and educating orphans and giving economic opportunities to widows. She has also been a guest teacher for Ligonier Ministries.

I typically list a number of lines that I highlight while reading the book in order to give you a preview of what to expect. However, since this is a book of prayers and categorizes a large number of scriptures relating to a topic, I had everything to highlight. So rather than list my highlights, I will close by recommending this book to all as a useful instrument for deepening your devotional time and strengthening your confidence in our great God.

The above excerpts are often paraphrased slightly for reasons of brevity. They are solely to capture your interest in order that you might lend yourself to purchase the book for your own reading.

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