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In a casual question and answer session, John MacArthur mentioned that after writing his first book, he thought that he would never write one again. Why? Because it was everything that a Christian needed to know. The book in reference is The Keys to Spiritual Growth. After hearing this, I immediately jumped online and purchased the book. Joking to myself, I said, “I might not have to read another book!”

MacArthur’s writings are always a treat to read. This one was no exception.  In it, he takes the reader door to door unlocking and opening the riches of God’s word as it relates to spiritual maturity. On the back cover, it says that “spiritual maturity is more than an obligation; it’s our privilege.”

Here are some things I highlighted:

  • Growth is one of the essential signs of life.
  • Where there is no spiritual growth, there is good reason to question whether spiritual life exists.
  • The Bible speaks as perceptively and definitively to the twenty-first century as it did to the first century.
  • Glorifying God is more than pasting an adage on your car, even if you drive with good manners.
  • You have to worship God if you are going to walk with Him, and you have to walk with Him before you can work for Him.
  • True confession of sin is not just admitting that you did something wrong, but acknowledging that your sin was against God and in defiance of Him personally.
  • Real confession includes a brokenness that inevitably leads to changes in behavior.
  • A right view of sin also recognizes an urgent need for cleansing.
  • Guilt locks a person’s lips from giving testimony.
  • Salvation is a once-for-all transaction. It cannot be repeated.
  • Continual confession characterizes Christians.
  • The one who is not faithful in prayer constantly struggles against his own spiritual nature. He is holding his spiritual breath. And that is spiritually debilitating.
  • For confidence in the future, trust the Word.
  • Privileges in Scripture never cancel obligations, they only increase them.
  • When the Bible speaks, God speaks.
  • It is the Word that builds us up and causes us to grow spiritually.
  • Growth is basic to usefulness.
  • The more we affirm biblical truth, the stronger we are against sin.
  • A prerequisite for helping others is to know God’s Word.
  • Spiritual growth takes place as we live more consistently with who we are in Christ.
  • People need to see in our lives the reality of what we profess.
  • We’re not supposed to be experts about evil.

The above excerpts are often paraphrased slightly for reasons of brevity. They are solely to capture your interest in order that you might lend yourself to purchase the book for your own reading.

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