God built the church when the church devoted to God.

Redemption is a divine transaction whereby God pays the ransom for man’s sin by His death on the cross.

God is reigns over all creation as supreme ruler and does whatever He wants.

God is in all places in all times and all of His presence is there.

It is the height of many to have an open mind, but God says to close the door.

Answering the question of Judas’ predestined betrayal of Jesus Christ, in hindsight.

The Perspicuity of Scripture

Scripture is Basically Clear

At the most basic and central message, Scripture is clear and understandable so that we can be sure.

The Bible contains every word that came from the mouth of God for us to embrace.

When it is difficult to rise and pray, here are 10 reasons to overcome.

Learn what it means to defend the faith in a fallen world.

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