History of Truth411

Why and How This Site Became

Early this century, I became encompassed with the web. I began as a designer and my work brought me to the world of the internet where communication is webbed. I found a few places to hang my hat and to dispense some theological ideas. It was in forums – the internet message boards.

It was not that stumbled upon them accidentally. Rather, I was asked to join in order to stand as one who defended the truths of God’s Word. It was the most exciting thing that I could ever do. I was being queried and sharpened. I had the opportunity to discuss with some of the sharpest men online. It was my new past time.

Writing (mostly arguing points) was not something new to me. Just year before I was lead writer for a Christian rap group where our goal was to convince others of their need for the gospel. So I think that I was more at home than anywhere else online and my new home was not getting dusty. The work kept coming. In fact, I found myself returning to similar points and doctrines of the faith as I responded to other postings.

So to create a site where I could house my writings as resources just made sense. With some help from a few online colleagues I created, Truth411.com. One of my most helpful friends gave me the name and helped me come up with a tag line: Biblical Answers to Christian Questions.

My new home was then established. The site became a useful tool almost immediately. It has been in existence for three years and now three designs (including the 2007 version). In 2006, the domain name was shortened from truth411.com to t411.com due to some domain name complications. But instead of being an obstacle, it made the name more catchy and easier to remember (plus it saves you four key strokes of time).

So what of the name, Truth411? What does it mean? It was not easy to create. With the large amount of the popular domain names being purchased for resale, it was quite hard to come up with some thing that was not already taken. But we pulled through (and by we, I mean my friend!) and decided on the combination of truth and, the pop synonym for information, 411. The site was to provide biblical answers to questions pertaining to the Christian faith. It was to provide truth information.

My hope and prayer is that it continues to be a tool for Christians and nonChristians alike as we wrestle grasp the need for the gospel, who is Christ.