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One thing that has always bothered me throughout my years of studying is that much of the writings from great godly pastors and teachers have been restricted to only those who have the financial means to purchase them (surely for good reasons). However, to a newly wed husband who seeks to be the sole provider for his family at the same time desires to learn the great truths of Scripture, this tends to be an obstacle.

(*I have learned throughout these years as well that a commitment to saving and purchasing these writings has taught me great discipline and God has truly provided for this along the way. I have learned by experience that giving to these God-centered teaching ministries even if it is difficult at times, is rewarding in itself‚ by knowing that you have helped the ministry no matter the size of the donation and that God sees the eager heart. But this is not the purpose of this particular portion of the site. See History of Truth411 for more on this topic.)

In remedy to that problem, I chose to make everything available for free use. I am not concerned much with citing for the reason of promoting myself, but ask that properly citing my confessions be done to the best of your ability. This is so that others will be redirected to this site in order that they may benefit from it as well.

Since there will be citations, I require that you do not alter any of the text for any reason in any way. I do not want to be the person to be misquoted and lead another down a path I would not take them myself. So please consider the content as it is already published on this site when reproduce or distribute it.