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For those who were following me since the turn of 2007 to 2008, you will remember that I took a break from this site in order to publish on a blog about my studies in the four gospels. My intentions were to finish by 2009. But, there is really no end in site right now. It is October and I have not even arrived to the period when Jesus was born!

Of course, this doesn’t bother me. These moments of learning and writing have been very interesting and very enlightening. They have strengthened my understanding and faith. They have really served to help me put the narratives of Christ’s life here on earth into perspective. They have been challenging as well. Some things (like penpointing the exact time Jesus was born) drove me to intense research and I often was left with uncertainty in the exacts but more faith in the Lord. And plus, I will likely be closing out the texts of Jesus’ birth right before Christmas which will make this year all the more glorious.

Since the new stand-up of the t411.com site with eControl, I have been able to post more freely and easily here at my main site. (This was one of the reasons for posting to a blog.) So, I’ll be adding those posts here to the site and continue in my studies until I finish the gospels.

Follow along with me from the updated In the Gospels page.

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